Why Choose Wakefield?

Here is why Wakefield, REALTORS is the right choice!

Departmentalized Property Management: While the industry standard is portfolio management, we take a team approach in providing property management services. We have an experienced team, each member being uniquely qualified in a specific area of property management and cross-trained in other areas. We have found that this team approach adds depth to our organization and improves the overall quality of the services we provide. With Wakefield, REALTORS, you have a team of qualified professionals looking after your investments, rather than one person who is responsible for 100 to 150 properties in addition to yours.

On Staff Leasing Agents: In keeping with our primary objective of minimizing vacancy loss, we have licensed realtors on staff to show our rental properties. Our leasing agents provide phone coverage seven days per week and are directly responsible for more than 40% of our rental activity. Of course, we also market our rental properties through a broad range of advertising media, including the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and other internet based marketing websites.

Competitive Management Fees: Our standard management fees equate to 10% of the monthly rent collected. We do not charge management fees for vacant properties or on unpaid rents. Wakefield, REALTORS is willing to negotiate our fee structure with owners who have multiple properties in need of our management services.

State of the Art Systems: Our state of the art computerized accounting systems and contract software provides you with up-to-date financial statements. Every month, you will receive an owner’s statement for each of your rental properties, which reflects all income that has been credited and each expense item that has been charged year-to-date for the current year.

For your convenience, we offer three options for receiving your monthly rental income payment.

Mail Monthly Check to Owner:

We issue and mail your monthly owner draw, with your owner statement, directly to you at your address of record.

Monthly Electronic Deposit into Owner’s Bank Account:

We make an on-line deposit to your bank of choice. We mail or email your owner statement to you at your address of record.

Hold Owner Checks:

We hold your owner income in your Wakefield, REALTORS account until you request that funds be disbursed. We mail or email your monthly owner statement to you at your address of record.

Monthly Mortgage Payments: We will set up your monthly mortgage as a recurring payable. In the event that your monthly rental income exceeds the amount of your mortgage payment, you will receive the balance per the option you have selected for receiving your monthly rental income payment.

Home Owners Association Services: We will set up your monthly Home Owners Association (HOA) dues as a recurring payable to be paid as directed by the HOA, and we will serve as your designated point of contact for HOA matters.

These are just some of the advantages of choosing Wakefield, REALTORS to manage your real estate investments.