Getting Started

When you choose Wakefield, REALTORS as your property management company, the next steps are simple. We will:

Prepare a Residential Leasing and Property Management Agreement and associated addendums for you to sign.

Residential Leasing and Property Management AgreementDownload
The Texas Association of Realtors Management Agreement we use, which reflects our standard pricing. Please keep in mind that this pricing may vary based upon the location, condition and number of your rental properties. Before we can complete your actual Residential Leasing and Property Management Agreement, we will need to walk through your rental properties and complete a Comparative Market Analysis for each.

Discuss your options for processing your income and expenses, as well as additional services that are available.

Owner Income and ExpensesDownload
Describes the options we make available to our property owners with regard to processing of your income and expenses, as well as additional services that are available at no additional charge.

Ask you to review and sign an Information about Brokerage Services document.

Information about Brokerage ServicesDownload
Information to consumers, as required by state law, regarding the types of available brokerage services.

Assume the management responsibilities for your investment.

Property Takeover ProcessDownload
Describes the initial steps we will take to effectively assume the responsibility for managing your rental property.

Here is what we ask of you.

Trust us. Allow us to exercise good judgment on your behalf and manage to the terms of your Management Agreement, contacting you only when requests exceed our authorized level of approval.

Allow us to communicate with you via email when possible. Communication is often a challenge due to busy schedules and communicating across multiple time zones, and we have found email to be the most effective way to overcome most obstacles. Email can typically be received and sent even while you are traveling, and it can be accessed anytime. Email also provides written documentation for both parties, which eliminates potential miscommunication.

Thank you for placing your trust is us! We are looking forward to partnering with you to provide excellent customer service to our tenants.